Australian Desert or Wild Limes are now cultivated commercially in Western Australia

In Western Australia they are grown in Mogumber by Mark Andrew and Vickie Shina who are pioneers in this fledgling industry.


Vickie and Mark lovingly care for around 1000 trees which produce five varieties of Bush Lime, namely the Ruby, Golden, Finger, and two varieties of Desert lime.
Meyer Lemons, Wattleseed and Bush Tomatoes are also grown on their farm which backs on to the beautiful Moore River.


The tiny green Desert limes which look similar to cherry tomatoes are their favourites, and possess the highest vitamin C content of any citrus fruit.
Mark, a chef, is reknowned for his unique Australian recipes which include:


  Ruby Lime Roo


Jammed Lamb


 Wild Lime Croc Steak


 Sensational Wild Lime Salsa


Wild Lime & Lemon Grass Prawns


Wild Lime Creme Caramel


Australians are known for their love of a drink, and Mark is quick to point out that Desert lime is the perfect addition to a beer, or even to spruce up a gin and tonic.


The Desert lime (citrus glauca) is a highly prized Australian bush food, and is used in many products including marmalades, beverages, and glazed fruit.


Research has proved that Desert Lime is a hardy breed, being particularly resilliant to a diverse range of climates and temperatures as well as exhibiting good drought tollerance. This makes the species most important for citrus breeding programmes.


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