The perfect marriage..Native Australian lime and Chocolate


Desert Lime White Chocolate Cheese Cake

Preparation Time – 15mins

Cooking time – approx 35mins

Hey! Chocolate lovers, Native Australian lime lovers – YOU BE THE JUDGE


100gm Hazelnuts

100gm Teddy Bear Biscuits

20gm Butter

300ml Sour Cream

400gm White Chocolate

1 cup Castor Sugar

3 eggs

1.5 cups Wild Australian Desert Limes.


Heat oven to 180c.

Place Hazelnuts on tray place in oven and leave till brown (approx. 3 mins). Crush Teddy Bear biscuits and hazelnuts and place in mixing bowl – add enough melted butter to combine both together. Place in bottom of 8” spring cake tin.

Place 250gm cream cheese in mixing bowl and beat on slow setting until soft then add 400gm of melted white chocolate – add 1 cup of castor sugar and 300mls of sour cream keep beating until sugar is dissolved (approx 3 mins). Whiz limes on high speed until they become pulp and stir through mixture. Separate eggs and add 1 egg yolk at a time and beat until all mixed through. Whip the remaining egg whites separately and fold in gently. Pour mixture into cake tin.

Place in oven set at 180c for approx 35mins or until brown and firm. Cool and serve with whipped cream and limes.


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