Mark’s favourite is the Desert lime,

This variety is reported as having the highest vitamin C content of any fruit.
Those fortunate enough to share a beer with him note the refreshing addition of the desert lime to make Australias favourite drink even more refreshing. I was surprised at the tiny size of the fruit which is only as big as a thumbnail and can be eaten whole…skin and all.

Other lime varieties grown include the Ruby, Golden and Finger varieties which all exhibit the exclusive tastes unique to Australian bush food. The Golden Lime has a flavour similar to mandarin, while the Ruby Lime has a more floral taste. The ruby Lime, named because of its colour, is a prized addition to Australian cooking as is sought as a glaze for lamb.

The tiny pearls of flesh from the Finger Limes produce an explosion of flavour when consumed, and are also used in drinks such as gin and tonic, particularly in the trendy restaurants of Sydney.

Mark and Vickie sell the fruit in bulk, and also produce a range of marmalades and relishes. I left the property armed with some of the unique Australian recipes for which Mark has become famous, including, Ruby Lime Roo, Jammed Lamb, Wild Lime Croc Steak , Wild Lime Salsa, Wild Lime and Lemon Grass Prawns and Almond Wild Lime Cookies.

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